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RTSY The Creative School of Art -Guest Artist Lesson (EP001): Wildlife & Watercolour with Gianluca Callara

At RTSY The Creative School of Art, based in the picturesque Myddelton House Gardens in North London, Enfield, we strive to inspire young minds through art.

Our recent event with wildlife and watercolour artist Gianluca Callara provided an incredible opportunity for our infants and juniors Saturday School students to learn from a master of his craft.

Wildlife and Watercolour Artist Gianluca Callara, a local artist who draws inspiration from the natural world and his own garden, joined us for a special guest artist event. His intricate watercolour paintings captivate audiences with their fine details and vibrant colours. Follow his artistic journey on Instagram @gianlucacallara.

Event Highlights:

Watercolour Techniques for Kids Gianluca shared his expertise with our young students, focusing on essential watercolour techniques for kids such as:

  • Applying and Blending Colour: Teaching the basics of creating smooth transitions and vibrant layers.

  • Depicting Fine Detail: Demonstrating how to capture the delicate intricacies of wildlife and nature.

Gianluca Callara demonstrating watercolour techniques to our students.

Our students practicing the watercolour techniques learned from Gianluca.

Our students final pieces after the techniques taught by Gianluca.

Follow Gianluca Callara To see more of Gianluca’s work and follow his art journey, visit his Instagram page @gianlucacallara.

A Memorable Experience at RTSY The Creative School of Art: Gianluca Callara’s visit was an inspiring event that enriched our students’ understanding of watercolour painting and ignited their creativity. At RTSY The Creative School of Art, we are committed to providing such enriching experiences to foster artistic growth in our students.

If you are an Artist / Art teacher and would like to be a Guest Artist with RTSY The Creative School of Art, please apply here


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