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1. These Terms and conditions will apply to the purchase of the services and goods by you (the customer)
2. Maria Vazquez trading as RTSY The Creative School of Art of 20 Pembroke Ave, EN14HB, with email address (the supplier or us or we)
3. These are the terms on which we sell all services to you. By ordering any of the services, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

The following are our summarised terms and conditions we advise that you read through them all and should you have any questions please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

For our detailed Terms and Conditions please click here (recommended).

We recommend that you read this policy in conjunction with our Privacy Policy

I: Payment Terms

We accept the following methods of payment for our events and classes;

  1. Online Payment; every event or class has an online payment facility which allows for all major debit and credit cards and for PayPal payments to be made directly to our account. ( Recommended and quickest payment method)

Please note your place is only confirmed as booked once payment clears, unless prior arrangement has been made with the school.

II: Fees, Cancellation Policy & Non-Attendance

Your place will be confirmed on receipt of the full fee amount.

1. In the event you have to cancel up to three weeks (21 days)  before the start of the class we will refund you 100% of your fee. In the case of a cancellation two weeks (14 days) before the start of the class you will receive a 50% refund of the full fee. In the case of a cancellation one week (7 days) before the start of the class you will receive a 25% refund of the full fee. After one week (7 days) before the start of the class the fee is non-refundable.

If, at any point, you wish to cancel and you are able to find us a student to take your place your place would be fully transferable. Please note it will be your responsibility to get any reimbursement from your replacement and not the school's.  Please inform the school in due time about the replacement giving us the student's full name and contact details.

Friends and family may attend any course in your place provided we have been given 24 hours' notice before the course commences. You will need to provide us with the names, contact details and medical information of anyone attending in your place.

In the event of an illness (or family illness) preventing your attendance, we may, at our sole discretion and on a case-by-case basis vary our cancellation policy and we may ask for documentary evidence to make this decision.Without prejudice to the aforementioned the school within reason will take the most sympathetic view possible when this clause.

In the case of non attendance payments will not be refunded

III: Personal care
  1. All students are expected to be responsible for their own personal care. Whereas the school will do all that is reasonably expected with regards to Health and Safety, you are ultimately responsible for your own care whether you are in the studio, garden or off-site course.

  2. Where students are travelling you are strongly advised to get all the necessary travel insurance.

  3. Medical Conditions and Medication

    1. If you have any medical condition that could affect your attendance on the course please let the school know well in advance of the course date.

    2. If you need to travel with medications please ensure that you travel with enough medicine to cover you from the time we leave to the time we return.

    3. Whereas you can carry medicine within the United Kingdom please ensure that you adhere to any rules and regulations that you need to follow with regards to travelling with your medication outside the United Kingdom. 

    4. You are also advised to consult your doctor prior to travel to ensure that you have clearance to travel and engage in any of the activities we will be doing.

  4. Whereas the school may provide storage facilities any items, artworks and or equipment left at the school is at your own risk. The school does not and will not accept any liability with regard to loss or damage to the aforementioned. (See Clause IV:1 below)

IV: Liabilities

Although every reasonable effort is made to ensure your safety at all times, all clients shall use the studio entirely at their own risk and shall for all purposes be guests of RTSY The Creative School of Art. Please take special care of yourself when your are on a course off-site.

The school is exempt from any claims made against it for any

  1. Damage to property and or goods

  2. For personal injury to the maximum extent permitted by law.

V: Damage to school property and premises

All damage caused, in any manner whatsoever, by a client to the school’s equipment or property shall be the responsibility of that client, the school & premiss may seek compensation for such damage.

VI: Programme Changes

Changes to the programme for any scheduled event may be agreed at the school’s discretion on the condition that more than 7 days’ notice is given; additional charges may apply depending on the nature of the changes. The school will make every reasonable effort to adhere to the agreed arrangements. The school reserves the right to alter or change arrangements should it be found necessary to do so.


The safety and security of our tutors, staff and or representative is paramount. Where such safety and security is deemed to be compromised the school reserves the right to cancel the participation of any participant/student and any fees forfeit. We may also report any such incidence to the police or relevant authorities and or seek legal redress.

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