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At RTSY The Creative School of Art we are proud to host a series of guest artist sessions throughout our RTSY Infants Art Course and RTSY Juniors Art Course which take place every Saturday during term time at Myddelton House Gradens in Enfield, North London.

We are
 dedicated to providing our students with an enriching and immersive experience that goes beyond just learning the technical skills of various art forms. We believe that exposure to different styles, techniques, and perspectives is key to nurturing creativity and helping our students grow as artists.

We aim to inspire and motivate our students to develop their own creative skills and pursue their passions.

Our Guest Artist programme will feature talented and accomplished artists from various disciplines who come to our school to share their experiences, show their work, and lead activities in their forte to the class.
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Our guest artists bring a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to our students, offering unique insights into the art world and providing valuable tips and advice on how to succeed as an artist. They engage with our students, sharing their stories and answering questions, and inspiring them to think creatively and explore new ideas.

Bringing a fresh perspective and unique techniques to the classroom that can expand students' understanding of the art world.

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Whether it's a painter, a sculptor, a photographer, or a graphic designer, our guest artists are carefully selected to offer our students a diverse range of perspectives and techniques. They create a dynamic learning environment that encourages exploration, experimentation, and collaboration.

At RTSY we believe that exposure to guest artists is an invaluable experience for our students. We are proud to offer these sessions and to provide our students with the opportunity to learn from some of the most talented and inspiring artists in the industry.

RTSY Guest Artist Application Form

Are you an artist located near North London and looking for a paid opportunity to showcase your talent and inspire the next generation of artists?


We're currently accepting applications for our Resident Guest Artist program. You'll have the opportunity to work with our students, share your expertise and insights, and lead creative workshops and activities. Our students are eager to learn from experienced artists like you and gain valuable insights into the art world.


Thanks for submitting!

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