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An innovative art school focusing on developing your child's artistic skills, imagination and self expression through fun, social and creative activities. 

Our Saturday school art classes and school holiday workshops brim with youthful energy and dedication, encouraging kids to develop their artistic capabilities and exercise their imagination. They are taught by professional art teachers with a combined 30 years of experience within both private and state sectors of education.

We do our best to coordinate innovative lessons that are exciting, educational, creative and of course safe. Children will have the opportunity to make friends with like-minded individuals who have a passion for the subject, gain access to high quality artistic materials and learn advanced techniques that will push their art work and creativity to the next level.

Meet the Teachers

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RTSY Founder /
RTSY Head of Art

I am the founder of RSTY - The Creative School of Art. I’ve always loved Art! It has come with me on my journey through life. I currently work at an independent school in South Kensington. My passion is teaching young children to develop their artistic skills and channel their imagination and energy to create expressive drawings, paintings, prints, photography, 3D sculpture and so on. I believe Art has many benefits not only for the curriculum - it develops self expression, a sense of comfort and confidence, as well as improving one's well being. I have been teaching Art & Design for 23 years and I am a graduate from Central ST Martin’s school of Art.  I have also been a private tutor for 10 years, guiding my students towards art scholarships and university places. Furthermore, I have held school holiday workshops for the past 4 years (formerly known as Creative Mess) which our local community of children have greatly enjoyed! It has always been a dream of mine to open an art school and finally that dream has become a reality through RTSY.

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Natalie Desouza

RTSY Art Teacher

I am an energetic, joyful and a dynamic individual. I love life, and art has had a big part in my journey so far. My passion and fascination for creative art has begun at an early age. Painting a mural on the floor, making clothing for my dolls, creating 3D projects and structures.  As time progressed, I started experimenting with digital/photography art. I graduated from Middlesex University where I successfully completed a B.A honours in Printed Textiles and Decorating.  Before that, I studied GNVQ qualifications in Art and Design which fuelled my enthusiasm and desire to venture into a teaching career.  I joined Aylward Academy secondary school supporting pupils with learning difficulties (dyslexia, autistic and language disabilities) behavioural challenges. I continued to advance in my studies, qualifying in Further Education teaching. My specialised subjects are Art, fashion and textiles. Being part of RTSY is a great privilege and a blessing. We, including the students are having so much fun!  There is a continual flow of creativity and incredible talent on show. A place where imagination has no limits, lasting friendships are forged, and a real desire to learn and improve both technique and eye for personal expression.

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RTSY Art Teacher

I am a personable, professional and well-qualified Lead teacher of Art with an enduring passion for my subject and an unbreakable commitment to the children I teach. It gives me great pleasure to work at/with RTSY School and affect a strong contribution to the school as a whole. My own philosophy is simple: Art matters. It matters in both the academic and developmental sense – for me, it helped mould me as a person as well as shaping my understanding of the world and my place within it; Art is both an organic aspect of the curriculum and discretely special. Challenging children to achieve to the very extent of their ability in Art and share my visceral love of the subject is something that really fuels me. With almost four years’ experience in teaching in both the selective and independent sector, as well as international summer schools, I have forged a strong knowledge base within my chosen subject, as well as sharpening my pedagogical skills considerably.



Bridging the 'arts gap' in primary education by celebrating art and improving the technical skills and creative capabilities of children

Encouraging children to think for themselves, solve problems, make decisions and become accustomed to flexible and critical thinking
Establishing a social community which invigorates the self expression, individuality and confidence of everyone involved
Creating a comfortable and fun space for children to boost their self esteem, express emotion and increase overall well-being 


In primary school academic subjects i.e. Maths and English are prioritized over subjects such as the creative arts.
A lack of organized artistic activities for kids to enjoy in their local communities
Excessive screen time issues and less socialization among children in this current day and age
Growing mental health and well-being concerns, due to factors such as Covid 19 and resulting Lockdown measures.




1hr30mins per class / 14 sessions / Every Saturday
Our infant art classes for kids aged 4-9 takes place every Saturday and introduces young children to the foundations of art through a fun, interactive and creative curriculum that helps them develop their fine motor skills and to awaken their inner imagination.


1hr30mins per class / 14 sessions / Every Saturday
Our Junior art classes for kids aged 10-13 takes place every Saturday and is made for children who enjoy and have an invested interest in art. Providing them with the opportunity and tools to develop their artistic skillset in an educational, social and creative environment.


Our holiday art workshops for kids aged 5-13 takes place during school holidays. These all-day workshops let the creativity and imagination of children run wild through fun, exciting and educational activities. Especially fun throughout seasonal holidays e.g. xmas, halloween, easter etc. Kids go home with at least 2-3 pieces of art after each session.
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