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I like RTSY because I like waking up and having a positive mind knowing I'm doing fun art lessons. We always do fun drawings. Everyone is welcome and always having fun - Sylvie 11

I enjoy coming to RTSY because its a really fun experience & i enjoy creating different art work - Isabella 12

I like RTSY because it is very social and I get to draw. I also enjoyed the watercolour lesson - Dexter 11

I love coming to RTSY because I can learn new things in fun ways. I love art - Amelia 7

 I like drawing. I like painting - Carla 7

To enjoy & learn cool stuff - Chloe 7

I love RTSY because you have the freedom to personalise your art work. You also have the freedom to talk which expands your creativity, also boosting your art skills. Its really clever how they come up with everything - Summer  11

RTSY is a magical journey. I enjoy every bit. The fun is lasting.The teachers are helpful and encouraging - Emily 10

I like RTSY because I get to be creative in what I make. My favourite project was drawing in the bottle - Adam 10

I like doing art and

I love Maria - Kiara 7

I like coming to RTSY because I learn new things - Orania

I like to draw and colour - Edward

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