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RTSY The Creative School of Art - Guest Artist Lesson (EP002): Textile Art with Kelly Sheehman

At RTSY The Creative School of Art, situated in the serene Myddelton House Gardens in North London, Enfield, we are dedicated to fostering creativity and artistic expression in young minds. As one of the best art schools for kids in Enfield, we were thrilled to host Kelly Sheehan, an accomplished art teacher and textile designer, for a special guest artist event.

Meet Kelly Sheehan:

Art Teacher and Textile Designer Kelly Sheehan is a passionate textile artist with a love for fabrics, particularly embroidery and appliqué. She runs her own bespoke gift business, creating personalized embroidery keepsakes and initials, each crafted with care and thought for the recipient. Follow her inspiring work on Instagram @ritasaysew.

Event Highlights:

Exploring Textile Techniques Kelly Sheehan visited RTSY The Creative School of Art to share her extensive knowledge and experience in textile art with our students. She demonstrated various techniques, emphasising:

  • Embroidery and Appliqué: Showcasing how these methods can create intricate and personalised designs.

  • Textile Techniques: From weaving, stitching, and knitting to printing and mixed media, Kelly explored the endless possibilities for texture, color, and surface manipulation.

Our students final pieces as a result of textile art activities led by Kelly.

Student Reactions: A Hands-On Textile Experience Our students were captivated by Kelly's demonstrations and eagerly participated in the hands-on activities. They explored different textile techniques and created their own unique pieces, gaining valuable insights into the world of textile art.

Follow Kelly Sheehan To see more of Kelly's work and follow her artistic journey, visit her Instagram page @ritasaysew.

Conclusion: Enriching Artistic Experiences at RTSY The Creative School of Art Kelly Sheehan’s visit was a highly enriching experience for our students, inspiring them to explore the creative possibilities of textile art. At RTSY The Creative School of Art, we are committed to providing such engaging and educational experiences to nurture the artistic growth of our young learners.

If you are an Artist / Art teacher and would like to be a Guest Artist with RTSY The Creative School of Art, please apply here


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