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RTSY The Creative School of Art - Guest Artist Lesson (EP003): Creative Mono Printing Workshop with Sav Dhanjal


At RTSY The Creative School of Art, located in the serene Myddelton House Gardens in North London, Enfield, we are passionate about fostering creativity and artistic expression in young minds. As one of the best art schools for kids in Enfield, we were excited to welcome Sav Dhanjal, a talented jewellery designer and art & textiles teacher, for a special guest artist event focused on mono printing.

Meet Sav Dhanjal:

Jewellery Designer and Art & Textiles Teacher Sav Dhanjal is a secondary school Art & Textiles teacher who strives to inspire her students and make art accessible to all. She graduated with a BSc in Architectural Studies from The Bartlett School of Architecture, after completing her Foundation in Art & Design with a Distinction. With a diverse background in skills and attributes, Sav has taught year groups from year 5 to 13. Follow her creative journey on Instagram @Boutiqueserene.

Event Highlights:

Mono Printing Techniques On [Event Date], Sav Dhanjal visited RTSY The Creative School of Art to share her expertise in mono printing with our students. She demonstrated various techniques, focusing on:

  • Basics of Mono Printing: Teaching the foundational techniques of mono printing, including creating unique prints using various materials.

  • Creative Applications: Showcasing how to incorporate different textures and patterns into mono prints to create stunning artwork.

Our students creating their own unique mono prints.

Student Reactions: Hands-On Mono Printing Experience Our students were thrilled by Sav's demonstrations and eagerly participated in the hands-on activities. They explored different mono printing techniques and created their own unique pieces, gaining valuable insights into this versatile art form.

Follow Sav Dhanjal To see more of Sav’s work and follow her artistic journey, visit her Instagram page @Boutiqueserene.


Enriching Artistic Experiences at RTSY The Creative School of Art Sav Dhanjal’s visit was a highly enriching experience for our students, inspiring them to explore the creative possibilities of mono printing. At RTSY The Creative School of Art, we are committed to providing such engaging and educational experiences to nurture the artistic growth of our young learners.

If you are an Artist / Art teacher and would like to be a Guest Artist with RTSY The Creative School of Art, please apply here


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